Document Processing

We do the legwork, so you don’t have to!

Where some see paperwork, we see an administrative challenge.

We Provide Services That Are Part Of Your Infrastructure

Words like record management solutions and retention schedules might not sound exciting to everyone, but this is where BNF Technologies excels most. We know our services are essential to the actions of your agency. What looks like an interesting challenge to us might sound boring to some, but that is why BNF has lasted as long as we have and why we have such a strong record of service with customers. We understand the power of a properly executed foundational service.

Data entry and document processing is a crucial part of running any business or agency. BNF has expanded our practices to include these data processing services because there is a need for managed services among the customers that we serve. In an effort to be the superior service provider for customers, we are always looking for opportunities for ways to extend our reach and diversify our talents.

We deliver comprehensive services.

No other competitor can beat our quality.

Our Data Entry Come With The Added Value Of Our Experience

Outsourcing data entry services is a competitive market, but BNF brings the added value of all our other services. It is much more efficient to get all your required services from one provider than to spread your partnerships out among several providers. There might be other data entry companies out there, but there is no company offering the full library of services that BNF can deliver at the same standard.

With BNF, you get our record management solutions, database management, administrative support, and data entry experts. We have 26 years of experience in tailoring our services to each customer which really makes the difference. On its surface, data entry and document processing might seem like a simple task.

The truth is that an experienced data entry service like ours will provide superior service because we will supply you with the personnel that is best for your agency. Once we become familiar with your operations, we can assign staff that has experience in working with agencies like yours. BNF also has the ability to supply you with a personnel that has been cleared with security clearances and meet the criteria for a public trust position.

Our Success Is Tied Directly Into Yours

We have been in business for over 26 years, 19 of which have been working for the U.S. Department of Commerce. They have taken advantage of our administrative support and our contract administration to improve the functions of their agency. In addition, we have designed their file systems and performed data entry with scanning services.

BNF operates in the contractor support service industry and, for us, there is no more significant measure of our ability than the quality of the service that we provide to the customer. We have earned outstanding and excellent evaluations from over 20 of our customers. BNF sees success in the long-term relationships that we form with agencies and businesses.

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