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Database Management Solutions

BNF Technologies has carved an area of niche specialties. We know where our skills are best used and where we should seek out assistance. Once you have decided that it is time to shift your records management services to a database management system, there are several more steps to follow. One of the most time-consuming parts of this process is the actual physical task of document and record scanning, imaging, and entry.

BNF has years of experience in finding and selecting the best third-party vendors for various services that fall under the records management umbrella. It is a significant part of our services like enterprise content management systems and database management. We have carefully selected which partners we work with, and we are still there to manage the overall operation.

Our third-party vendors have professional experience in scanning projects.

We guarantee that you can trust them with your document management.

For Us, Records Storage Is No Simple Task

The document scanning companies that we partner with hold themselves to the same high standards that you can expect from BNF Technologies. Part of advanced imaging solutions is abiding by regulations like section 508 compliance. This mandate states that any electronic and information technology created, obtained, and maintained by the federal government has to be accessible to people with disabilities.

This means every scanned image needs to have high enough quality to read or be translated by the kinds of assistive technology that someone with a vision disability might use. Holding ourselves and our services to this high standard is one of the primary reasons that BNF manages the entire data integration process.

Our services will also be there to ensure organizational measures are taken like the collection of data like the name of authors, appropriate dates, and subject matter. These database systems are available with remote access or in-house services depending on the needs of the agency. The hosting of this service is conducted by one of our third-party partners.

We Aren’t Afraid Of Working With Others

Over the years, we have partnered with and provided services for over 37 federal agencies. Focusing on this service, BNF has managed data entry and record scanning for the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy. Our third-party vendors have enabled us to expand the services we offer and deliver more effective results.

BNF understands the value of tailored services, this is one of the reasons that we endorse the use of data entry companies, third-party scanning, and database hosting services. Experienced data entry is a valuable skill, and we both share valuable expertise. Everyone gets the best service when we all work together and provide the services that will empower your agency with stronger records management.

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