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BNF Offers Multiple Types Of Records Management

BNF Technologies offers many strategies and services to any business or agency looking for ways to optimize their records management. We have multiple methods and practices dedicated to physical record management solutions, but that is not all we do. BNF also has the tools and knowledge to implement electronic record keeping in your workplace.

We work with a third-party vendor to provide the proper training and deployment. Once we find an agency that wants to deploy an electronic record management system, we identify their particular needs and make our recommendation based on what will best fit their needs. We have experience working alongside vendors like Feith, Trim, and Documentum.

Every agency or business has different demands, and no piece of software will fit them perfectly right out of the gate. That’s why BNF Technologies is here to select the best provider for your needs and to adjust the system to your operations.

BNF Builds Partnerships With Our Customers

We use the following services to select and deploy an electronic records management system for your organization:

  • Designing Network Space: We will create an electronic space where your records can be stored and maintained. Our network spaces come with automated markers that track which records can be destroyed, retained permanently, or transferred to the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA).
  • System Concept Design: In this step, we design a system configuration to fit your organization’s needs. As we do that, we work with third-party vendors to offer the shared network space as well as electronic content management and as records database.
  • Systems Analysis: Our development team will review your information system requirements and match your needs to third-party vendors and their available systems.
  • Vendor Analysis Evaluation: During this step, we examines our third-party vendors’ offerings and determine if any of them are a good fit for your organization. We’ll also determine if a content or records management system will work for you.

During these processes, we will work with you to determine how our services and our third-party vendors’ offerings can best fit your business’s, agency’s, or organization’s needs. We form these partnerships with our clients because we understand that customized solutions are the best way to improve their records and content management.

Our Services Combine To Form A Comprehensive Service

We use these services to find the best electronic records management systems for your organization’s needs and goals. Once we put these systems in place, they will start to effectively manage your organization and records retention. We integrate services like this with our data conversion, data entry, scanning, imaging, and database hosting. All of these methods work in tandem to make managing electronic records a seamless part of your daily functions.

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