Document Management

Data conversion improves availability.

Document management is part of our records solutions.

Superior Document Management Has Extra Advantages

BNF Technologies has over 26 years of experience working with more than 37 different federal agencies, bureaus, and offices. A vital part of the value that we bring with records management is the increased availability of data and information. Our services focus on factors like retention periods and record schedules. However, all of this falls under the umbrella of providing a more organized system.

As a result of your records being more readily available, we raise the ease of access for anyone that needs to find particular information. Proper document management is crucial to running any operation efficiently. This is a crucial part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Once you partner with us, your records schedule will be on the right track, but your office will also see a rise in productivity.

Organizing your records is about more than just retention period.

BNF also helps you increase the ease of access.

Everyone Has The Right Of Accessibility

Data conversion services are another way that we increase availability. Document scanning and digital records are one way that the government keeps permanent files. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) currently only stores ongoing permanent digital files. This is one of the motivations we have for offering data processing methods like data conversion, but that is not the only reason.

By law in the United States, many agencies have to follow certain accessibility guidelines. Section 508 compliance mandates that all electronic and information technology created, obtained, and maintained by the federal government has to be accessible to people with disabilities. This means that just providing an average scan of a record or document is not good enough.

For people that have a vision disability, there must be a readable version of every record available as well. In order to remain 508 compliant, you have to provide record scans of a high enough quality that they can be read or translated by assistive technology. BNF outsources data conversion processes like document scanning but manages the relationship and operation. Our staff will collect information like metadata, author info, subject matter, and the date to better organize your records systems.

BNF Provides Comprehensive Services

Document management can be easily folded into our other services that bring your records management into the future. We provide methods and practices like database creation and maintenance. Through vendors and third-party service providers, BNF Technologies has the ability to construct a shared network space for tracking your records. Through our partnerships, we can handle all of the data entry, scanning, imaging, and hosting.

Our expertise allows us to perform all of this and still maintain our excellent level of compliance with regulations from NARA and section 508. Our full coverage services are all a part of our guarantee to deliver results from the start to the finish of a project.

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