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BNF Technologies provides several services that will advance your records management, but one of the most essential is the way we maintain your records retention schedule. This is a type of records management file plan that determines how long you will keep certain records and when you can destroy others. This is necessary because public records of governmental agencies or private businesses are held to a higher standard. We have over 26 years of experience doing this work for more than 37 federal agencies.

Every agency has a general records schedule that is submitted to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for approval. This schedule and NARA determines which specific records are covered and how long they are to be retained. The retention period of your records will vary by the contents of the documents and the operations of your agency.

Your records retention schedule is a critical part of records management.

BNF will be there to manage it for your agency.

We Are Experts In Records Schedules

This practice is one of the most widely requested services that we provide. At this point, BNF has a time-tested process and a wealth of knowledge to draw from. Our experts will get to know your agency and then make recommendations of which documents should be covered under your records schedule. Helping you build this retention schedule is really just one part of the larger mission of providing records management solutions for your agency.

During this process, we will be able to highlight the areas of your agency where any extensive effort will be required to improve their records management. Updating the schedule of your records is just one link in the chain of our overall strategy. Once we have this piece in place, we will be able to look for all the ways that we can advance your other records operations.

Depending on your needs, we can recommend programs like an enterprise content management system or a records database. BNF will even take care of the simple tasks like organizing and distributing records control schedule sheets for anyone across your workplace. Sometimes the most significant issue is just everyone not having the records schedule to reference.

We Have A Proven Track Record

Thanks to all of our past experience, BNF is able to leverage all of the gathered knowledge needed to provide the best services possible. We are proud of our past service record and the help we have provided for various agencies. BNF Technologies has built lasting relationships with some of the most significant agencies in our country.

  • Federal Trade Commission: We have worked with the FTC for over 5 years providing services like records schedule update, shared network space development, and records center management.
  • TSA: For over a year now, BNF has aided the TSA with office-wide assessments, records schedules, and records management and training programs.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development: It has been 8 years since we started sharing methods like record scheduling, records management manuals and training, management of records vault, and an inventory of 18,000 c.f. Of records with this agency.
  • DOE/MSA: In the last year, we have begun services for the department of energy. BNF has helped them with file plans, record scheduling, scanning and imaging, procedures and handbooks, and office-wide assessment.

A record schedule update is one section of our overall services, but it is essential to the operations of any agency. It is a foundational practice that BNF Technologies is able to implement in your workplace today.

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