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We Have Built A Niche Expertise In Records Management.

BNF Technologies specializes in records management (RM) services for paper and electronic documents along with administrative support and training services. We bring more than 26 years of experience to bear on delivering the best fit gap analysis and enterprise solutions to our clients. We have supported over 37 Federal Government agencies, bureaus, and offices with their RM, regulatory compliance requirements, library services, training needs, and more. We have worked with partners like the TSA, the U.S. Navy, the Federal Trade Commission, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Federal agencies and offices often face several hurdles in their information management. There are many laws and regulations that govern how their documents and records are handled. As our services have grown, we have continued to expand our expertise and abilities. We introduced our core competencies in the early 1990’s and have not stopped educating ourselves on the best methods and practices.

Our services do more than just help you remain compliant.

They will enhance your records management for years to come.

We Put Our Client’s Needs First

BNF is a proven leader in records management because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our clients see a quick return on their investment in us with records and information that is more organized and easier to maintain. We put our clients first by not just implementing new methods, but training your people in the regulatory practices that will keep your records and documents well-managed throughout their life cycle.

We provide a variety of services through the use of information technology and implementing our own expertise in your agency. BNF delivers an assessment of your overall archival operations and the ways it could be improved. Then, we build solutions for your workplace that will develop into strategies for your future. We offer a comprehensive service that covers the full lifecycle of your documents.

Depending on your agency, your records might need to be disposed of, turned into electronic forms, or end up in the national archives. BNF will help you manage the proper disposal of documents and the transition into permanent electronic records. Every workplace or agency is under different retention periods for their vital records and we will be there in the future to help you manage these long-term objectives.

BNF Technologies Delivers Extensive Records Management

Our services are highly capable, reliable, and come with our experience. BNF brings a lasting approach to your agency. We will work alongside you in the years to come to improve your entire records management program. Our experts will work with you to build a system that keeps you compliant with the necessary policies and procedures while also supporting your day-to-day active record operations. Our single most essential measure is the quality of service provided to the client.

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