Records Maintenance

Records maintenance is time-consuming work.

We deliver effective records management solutions.

Maintaining Physical Records Offers A Unique Challenge

In today’s digital age, many people might not think about the paper-based records management that is still required in most offices. BNF Technologies is here to assist you in the physical handling of your records. It has become pretty simple to manage a ton of files on a computer system, but organizing hundreds, if not thousands of physical records is a real challenge for any workplace.

A lot of agencies and offices start off with the best intentions of maintaining their day-to-day records and information management, but once you fall behind, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch up. BNF has the experience and expertise to get your records management back on the right track. For over 26 years, we have worked alongside more than 35 different federal agencies to optimize their records management and train them in the best practices.

BNF Technologies provides end-to-end records management solutions.

Records disposition is where we manage the final destination of your files.

We Will Be There To Work Alongside You

A vital part of any record keeping business process is the retention period that your documents have to abide by. This is how long your records must be maintained. If you work in a federal agency, then the ultimate fate of your paper documents is decided by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). They set the regulations that determine if and when your records can be destroyed or stored in their archives.

This document control process is called the records disposition and the staff at BNF Technologies are experts in it. Once we have assessed your situation, taken an inventory, and structured your document management solutions, we can begin the disposition of your records. As certified records managers, we will do more than just make recommendations or offer training.

Our people will be there first-hand to box up the necessary records and see that they are shipped to their appropriate federal record center. The bulk of record storage with NARA is now done with digital records. This step of disposition can be handled by our document management services. We offer data conversion services and scanning through a third-party provider.

BNF Will Protect The Integrity Of Your Records and Documents

Our staff is available to shred and destroy your documents onsite. BNF understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of your documents and records. Our personnel has the training and expertise to protect the chain of custody of your information. We can also supervise a third-party shredding company, depending on your needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to being a partner in your future success. That means taking the necessary precautions to protect your records whether they are being destroyed or shipped away for permanent storage.

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