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BNF Technologies Has Many Capabilities

We have a lot of tools in our belt here at BNF Technologies. All of our methods and practices are based on the experience we’ve gained in this niche industry and have been developed to provide the best services possible for your agency. A lot of our growth has happened naturally as we see a need to fill it. Among our record management efforts, we saw a gap where our personnel could make a positive difference in office and workplaces throughout our service area. One of the branches of our agency operations support is library services. When you select BNF for your library solutions, you will receive a dedicated staff of our well-trained and an experienced personnel to manage your library needs. These needs align easily with our records management, record inventories, and records retention solutions. All of these services layer onto each other to deliver superior functions for your workplace.

Library services require hard work and expertise in the best operations.

BNF has the ability to provide both of those for your agency.

Hire A Staff That Is Already Experienced and Dedicated

Our vast array of services and expertise provides you with a library staff that has a diverse set of skills. This personnel will be able to perform a number of tasks that will save your staff time and enhance the operations of your workplace. Some of the more typical support services that we provide are:

  • Receiving
  • Cataloging new titles
  • Processing orders and subscriptions
  • Conducting functions on Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
  • Performing tasks on Cuadra STAR integrated library systems

Any workplace, business, or agency can benefit from a dedicated staff that is trained in the best methods and practices to perform legwork like library support services. Our on-site library support includes delivering services to workplaces like:

  • Government Agencies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Private Firms
  • General Public’s Libraries

Specialized Services With An Attention to Detail

At BNF, we understand the value of being transparent with our services and methods. There are specific levels of library support that we offer, and we know it is vital that our customers are aware of our capabilities. Just the process of cataloging new titles involves a series of tasks that our personnel will perform for your agency:

  • Completely catalog new titles within 14 days of receipt.
  • Rush materials are cataloged, processed, and distributed within 48 hours.
  • Searching materials to be cataloged through “authority” files.
  • Using the Cuadra STAR to see if it is a new title or an added volume/copy.
  • Editing worksheet to describe the copy in hand.
  • Assigning a call number to the materials.
  • Assigning Library of Congress and specialized agency subject headings.
  • Inputting worksheets into OCLC.
  • Downloading records into Cuadra STAR and filing into the official database.
  • Sending quality control reports to OCLC and responding to OCLC quality reports.

We are dedicated to providing superior services that enhance the performance of your workplace. All of these services are supported with significant attention to detail and knowledge about the appropriate regulations. Once you have hired BNF for your library support services, you will gain the advantage of our experience and our expertise.

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