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BNF Technologies delivers comprehensive records and information management solutions to anyone that is looking for a way to improve their records management. When we provide these services, we customize them to fit our clients needs because in our 26 years of experience, we’ve found that shaping our services to fit each client’s specific is the best way to help them succeed.

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Our comprehensive records and information management solutions include the following:

  • Agency Program Assessments: With these assessments, we determine the current state of your records management processes. Then we can begin to develop a strategy for your operations and set objectives and goals for your agency, business, or organization.
  • Agency Gap Analysis: This is the first step in our assessment phase. During this step, we identify how far your organization’s current state is from your ideal state. This analysis contributes to the strategies we develop to improve your records management.
  • Document Management: We will make sure your documents meet government accessibility guidelines through digital scanning and collect vital information including metadata, author information, and subject matter to improve your document management system.
  • Records Inventories: When we assess your current situation, we take inventory of your records by going through every box and every file in each of your offices. Once the inventory process is complete, we can begin developing records management strategies for your organization.
  • Records Maintenance: After we takes the steps above, we will start maintaining your records and making sure they meet all relevant National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) guidelines. We will also oversee digital records scanning through a third-party provider.
  • Records Schedules Update: We will maintain your records’ schedules and determine how long you should retain them and when you can destroy them according NARA’s guidelines.
  • Workflow Processes: If you’re looking to improve your organization’s workflow, we can examine and improve them according to your needs and goals.

Sharing Our Expertise

Our practices will be there throughout the lifecycle of your records and documents. We will help you create a structure that follows them from creation to destruction or to long-term retention in the National Archive Records Administration (NARA). This is all part of our complete approach to your records management.

Every professional workplace needs record and document control. Records management is a hurdle that not many people might not think about until they need it. BNF has over 26 years of experience in this specialty. Our solutions are the perfect fit for federal agencies, state and local government offices, and private companies. We are here to offer advice, provide solutions, and train your staff to maintain the standards we help you reach.

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