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We are experts in records management and we have the information technology to usher your agency into the modern age. There are many ways that we can help your organization with accurate retention schedules and improved record inventories but the advantages don’t stop there. There are also advanced electronic resources that offer new ways to manage your records and strategies to organize the employee connections among your agency.

BNF Technologies has several options available for any agency that is looking for a way to optimize their record management and bring their operation into the future. In addition to the multiple types of electronic content management systems (ECM), we also offer a shared network space. This network and sharing center is similar to the ECM but delivers more enterprise-wide features.

We have the tools to help your agency move into the future.

BNF will even manage your transition to a network space.

BNF Will Optimize Your Entire Network Space

Managing your records retention is always a hurdle for any agency, but a shared space like this will have automated markers for tracking the records that can be destroyed, need to be maintained permanently, or need to be transferred to the National Archive & Records Administration (NARA). We will help you navigate the different retention periods between electronic and paper records as well.

Having this system in place will also allow for your employees to share folders and files with the click of a mouse as long as you have a network connection. You will have the ability to manage your files with and records advanced sharing settings in a role-based network. This means that your retention schedule and the security network access will be organized by your roles in the agency.

Your high-priority records will have more protection and be more precisely managed than low-priority ones. Your file sharing and viewing will also be regulated by your roles in the agency. BNF will be with you every step of the way in the design and implementation process of your shared network space.

We Will Manage Your Entire Implementation

BNF Technologies has a proven track record for providing powerful tools and training needed to get the most out of your record management system. The same is true for shared network spaces. We will implement them in your workspace and handle all of the infrastructure set up. Our staff will take care of the IT aspects of building your shared network drive and establishing the necessary security features like password protection.

An example of an agency that has taken advantage of one of our shared network spaces is the Federal Trade Commission. We set up a shared network for them along with performing assessments for records management systems vendors. We have built our company with a niche specialization, and we apply this expertise to any agency or business that is searching for superior records management solutions.

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