Records Inventories

We can correct any records system no matter the size.

BNF will help you earn a low-risk assessment.

Records Management Starts With An Inventory

BNF Technologies has the knowledge to enhance your records inventory management process. One of the most crucial steps in inventory record keeping is assessing your current situation. During this phase, we leverage our expertise to discover all the ways we can assist your operations. We are uniquely qualified to conduct an inventory on your record keeping process and appraise how well your agency is abiding by the appropriate federal regulations.

The bulk of our record management experience has been with federal agencies. The National Archive Records Administration (NARA) judges these agencies on their record keeping and information management processes. Every agency is scored on a scale of high to medium to low-risk assessment. A low-risk rating signifies that an agency correctly and accurately organized their documents and records. A high-risk rating signifies an agency with poor records and document management, which can hurt their reputation. BNF will help your agency move from high-risk to low-risk with enterprise-wide records management solutions.

We have turned high-risk agencies into low-risk offices.

The process might take time, but BNF is here for you.

BNF Combines Analysis With Hard Work To Deliver Results

Good record keeping requires a lot of strategies. During this step in our process, we visit all of your offices and going through every box or container of all your organization’s types of records. We are not just there to do a walkthrough and see if your records are being stored correctly. Our team will go through every box of files and assess how your office is maintaining all of your hard copy paper records. If necessary, our team will go through thousands of boxes of records and documents to improve your records management.

BNF uses our knowledge of record retention rates and agency regulations to build a strategy for the structure of your records inventory process. Every business and agency is required to keep records or documents for a predetermined amount of time. We will get to know your organization and construct a plan for optimizing the way you store and dispose of your records when they reach the end of their life cycle. This includes creating a retention schedule so you know exactly where everything should go in the long term. We will even implement a path for perpetual inventory that needs to end up at the National Archives.

We Have A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

One of our core values is putting the customer first. This is why we perform such in-depth records inventories. Whether you are a small business or a federal agency, our team is willing to put in the time-intensive labor to get your record keeping on the right track. Once we have completed the inventory, the real collaborative work of implementing our new strategy begins.

BNF has assessed and trained the U.S. Mint and the U.S. Navy in records management. We will bring our personal approach to your office with custom solutions and a plan of action that will turn your operations into a low-risk organization.

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