System Concept Design

BNF delivers personally designed solutions.

We combine our talent with our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We Configure Our Systems To Fit Your Agency

In the early 1990’s, BNF Technologies introduced core competencies. Since that time, we have become a proven leader in the records management support services. A significant reason for that is our ability to provide customers with a rapid and measurable return on their investment in us. Our customers know that they will get to work alongside a team of professionals that are talented, knowledgeable, and committed to their customers’ satisfaction.

One of the ways that we deliver superior services is with our design and system configuration solutions. It is all a part of the larger process of developing the best system for your operations. Through third-party vendors, we offer systems like electronic content management, a records database, and a shared network space. With systems requirements analysis, we assess your needs and the ways we can serve them.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to select the system that best fits your operations that are already in action. This reduces downtime and enables the new system to enhance your workplace without making you start from scratch. System design and configuration empowers us to take this personal approach even further.

BNF provides many types of records management systems

Every one of them can be tailored to your particular operations.

Our Strategies Deliver Custom Options

BNF Technologies has partnered with some of the industry-leading names in electronic content management. We assess your needs and pick the service that best fits your demands. However, there is no management system that is a perfect fit straight out of the box. There is always some sort of design or configuration that needs to be performed to fit the needs of our customer.

Our configuration management system is a development technique that allows us to provide even more custom options. The process of tailoring a database system configuration is performed by an in-house programmer. We implemented this service because of growing demand for more customization from our records management systems. BNF has always listened to the needs of our customers and found ways to cater our services to meet them.

BNF Believes In Creating Long-Term Partnerships

We take pride in the success that customers gain from our systems and services. All of our methods and practices have been developed to enhance your workplace and make your operations more efficient. Our selective third-party relationships and system configuration empower our customers to see a faster return on their investment in us.

Records management solutions are never an overnight fix. However, with BNF Technologies you will see the results in your productivity by clearing our dormant files and an ease of compliance with federal records management regulations. One of our core values is to always contribute to the success of our customers.

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