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When you partner with BNF Technologies, you are getting more than just record management assistance. You are gaining access to a team of grant management specialists. We expanded our depth of expertise to include this skill set because saw a need among the federal agencies that we have worked with in the past. After 26 years in business, our services are still growing and our personnel is still learning every day to find new ways to meet your needs even better.

The management of government contracts and grants is an essential part of functioning for many federal agencies. The regulations governing grants and contracts can be complex and the work figuring out their intricate details can bog down your administrative resources. With BNF Technologies, you can allocate your resources elsewhere and trust that your grant administration is in good hands.

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By working with more than 37 different federal agencies, we have learned that some of the most valuable tools we can bring to any situation is our experience and attention to detail. In the same way that we use agency gap analysis to identify an agency’s shortcomings or weak points, we will bring our expertise to bear on implementing a grant management system for your workplace.

Grant funding is a powerful tool and asset, but the policies and procedures for these administrative actions can be difficult to navigate. We are able to handle grant activities like final payments, closing out contracts, and all of the paperwork involved. If there is money left on the books for a given grant, we will notify the appropriate parties so the money can be sent back to the grantor or governmental agency.

When contracts and grants have ended, our personnel will be there to handle all of the paperwork, filing, and notifying the grantee or the company. Even just having an expert on site to physically complete contracts can make the whole process easier.

We Have A Proven Track Record With Success

Having someone that understands the complete grant application process and the procedures for closing is a significant advantage for any agency. For over 3 years now, we have worked with agencies of the U.S. Department of Commerce: the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and the National Technical Information Service. BNF Technologies has provided grant management solutions, contract administration, and contract and grant closeout services.

Contract and grant management is another tool in our belt to assist customers with. We are here to be the partner in records management, administrative support, and agency operations that your workplace needs. We have structured our methods around the hurdles that you face and are here to support your agency into success for many years to come.

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