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At BNF Technologies, we are not afraid to dig into the details of your records management to develop the best results for your agency. When anyone partners with us, one of the ways we judge their present situation is by applying agency gap analysis. In the general terms of business, a gap analysis is a procedure for evaluating the distance between a business’s desired state and the reality of their current situation.

For BNF, the agency gap analysis process is how we determine our future goals for your records management. Conducting a gap analysis is the initial phase of our assessment programs. It is crucial that we understand the places where these gaps exist and how far apart they are. All of this information funnels into the strategies we build to get your operations on the right track. Our teamwork and training allows us to lead you into a more productive future.

This is not an indictment of your operational levels, these tools are only to assess where you are so we know how to help. We understand how challenging project management is. If your records management has fallen behind, you are not alone. It is the reason a business like ours exists in the first place. BNF is here to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

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There are several regulations and rules that govern how most agencies manage their records and documents. BNF Technologies has an extensive knowledge of all these governmental requirements. We use this knowledge to identify the gaps in your records management and develop an action plan to bring our attention onto specific areas of focus and close the gaps.

Our gap analysis tools are how we are able to prioritize your services and address so many wide-reaching concerns. Correcting the way records are managed and training people in the proper techniques is a time-consuming task. Many of our partnerships like with the Federal Trade Commission or the U.S. Department of Commerce, have lasted for several years. We save time and boost productivity by organizing our efforts into the areas of highest need.

Hurdles in records management can come from many different directions. There can be shortcomings with inventory issues or workflow process problems. Our gap analysis template comes from over 26 years of experience that we have in this specialty. It shapes how we structure our services and the aid we provide. Our best fit analysis is an essential element of the enterprise solutions we supply to our customers.

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