File Room Management

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BNF Technologies has over 26 years of experience delivering record management solutions, administrative support, and new technology like enterprise records management software. When you partner with us, you are gaining access to all of that knowledge and our entire arsenal of services. All of these services have been developed over the years to become the best support options for your workplace.

File room management is a fundamental service that every workplace requires and BNF is here to empower you with our own personnel. We will send you a separately dedicated staff that has experience and training that fit the particular needs of your agency. All of BNF’s service work better when they are actively used together.

Our file support services fold easily into our management of your record retention schedules and document management. Our personnel can handle your library services, implement physical records management systems, and design software solutions for electronic documents. BNF is able to manage many of the fundamental functions of your workplace and enable you to allocate your resources where they are more needed.

BNF’s mission is To Always help maximize your potential.

Choosing our services will allow you to get the most out of your own resources.

Our Expert Staff Hit The Ground Running

Providing a file room management service is an essential practice that is best conducted by experts. You do not want to hire amateurs to try and organize your files and records. With us, you will have immediate access to experienced professionals that can jump into your work on day one. You will see productive results much faster than if you hired someone without our experience. BNF will provide the appropriate staff to perform:

  • File upkeep
  • Document filing
  • Large files management
  • Requests for reference materials, documents, or files
  • Dispositions
  • File transfers to federal records centers
  • Destruction of files

Once our personnel has started to optimize your file room management, it can also be the perfect time to implement new file room management software. We already have the experience with database management and ECM system assessments at your disposal. BNF has the ability to assess the system that best for your agency, create systems that will work within your existing functions, and implement the entire operation for you.

The Proof Is In Our Track Record

For the past 19 years, we have worked alongside the U.S. Department of Commerce to supply them with various services like designing and maintaining their file systems. They have seen the advantages of working with us and continued to allow us to support their agency. Information management is our specialty, and the best way to optimize the functions of your workplace is by partnering with us and allowing us to become part of your workforce.

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