Agency Program Assessments

There is no “one size fits all” strategy.

Before the other work starts, we have to assess your situation.

We Bring Custom Solutions To Every Customer

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with BNF Technologies is our ability to construct effective custom plans. The agency program assessment phase is where BNF starts to build a strategy for your operations and sets objectives for your agency. Before any of the physical labor and time-intensive work starts, we perform an assessment of the current condition of your records management.

These assessments are essential when it’s time to judge your situation and how we plot growth for the future. There are separate rules and regulations that set retention periods and rules for all kinds of agencies. We want to make sure that your records management starts off on a firm foundation. That means figuring out which regulations apply to your operations and what sort of retention periods pertain to your records.

This process isn’t just about developing a way to keep your records for extended periods. It is about finding the most efficient path to enhancing the productivity of your records. BNF performs a gap analysis to see which records are being kept for too long or which ones aren’t being maintained long enough. We want to make sure you aren’t wasting your resources and point them in the right direction for success.

Before we can help you, we have to assess your situation.

We leverage our expertise to build the best strategy for you.

We Need To Know The Destination Before We Start The Journey

There is more than one national assessment agency that judges the quality of records management policies at specific agencies. There is the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and there are also presidential mandates to navigate when we structure your records management solutions. The staff at BNF Technologies has educated ourselves on the appropriate methods and practices.

Our agency program assessments are a mix of judging your organization methods against the regulations that govern your particular agency. This phase is vital because we do not want you or our team to waste any energy working towards the wrong goal. The process of building a plan for the future is like constructing train tracks for your organization. Once we have assessed your current situation and used our knowledge of federal regulations to set your destination, then we can start laying the track for the future.

After we have laid the foundation for an improved operation, we implement the necessary policy and procedure training to help your agency reach its goals. All of this data collection and assessment of your strengths and weaknesses feeds into the procedures, manuals, and modules that we construct for your employees. BNF will help you reach compliance and maintain a higher quality of records management for many years to come.

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