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BNF Technologies is always working to provide the best support services for agencies and customers. We may be well-known for our record management services and helping agencies set and meet their record retention schedules, but our services offer much more than that to customers. Our company is able to provide personnel to support your secretarial, reception, and administrative operations.

We offer this service as a way of helping your workplace get the most out of its resources. By selecting our secretarial services, you will no longer have to pull staff from elsewhere to handle clerical tasks and admin practices. These additional resources are managed by us and contracted out to your workplace so you get all the expert help without the headaches of extra management.

BNF’s mission is to help your workplace become more well-managed.

Our personnel will make your office run more efficiently.

A Highly Qualified Staff

At BNF, we know that every agency and business is different. This is why we get to know every customer with assessments before we ever recommend services like record inventories or database management. That same attitude applies to our admin services and also with the human resources we assign to your agency. The training of the administrative managers that will be working in your office will differ depending on your needs and requirements.

Any personnel we send to your workplace will arrive with computer-literate skills and typing proficiencies. Other skills are contingent on the requirements of the position. We will provide your staff with a high-volume of words per minute in typing proficiency.

Depending on the functions of your agency, we will also offer personnel that has experience operating in similar atmospheres. For agencies that require more precaution, BNF even provides staff with an additional security clearance or that meet the criteria to hold a public trust position. We understand your clerical needs and have years of experience in meeting them.

Our Stellar Track Record

BNF has spent the last 26 years providing assistance to over 35 federal agencies, all with their own needs and requirements. One of our longest standing partnerships has been with our administrative services and the U.S. Department of Commerce. For the past 19 years, our personnel has assisted them by:

BNF Technologies is more than just a records management solution provider. We are here to optimize the overall records and clerical functions of your workplace. Our administrative support and secretarial services are just as valuable as the rest of our methods and practices. Supplying you with our own personnel is another that we deliver enterprise-wide management solutions.

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